Technology innovation plays a critical role in creating the conditions that make sustainable economic growth and social development possible. We believe that the goals of raising productivity and improving innovation output can be realized through the innovative use of ICT and especially cloud computing.

This site – as well as associated social media channels – offers a platform for debate around how to best advance the development of both technology and policy that will pave the road to a greener, healthier, more skilled & competitive, digital and entrepreneurial Europe.

Discover here our vision on technology and our approach to deliver it. You can also check our devices and services focused on improving people’s personal and professional lives, and on increasing efficiencies across multiple industries and domains from health, to environment, or to the public sector, education, or research.

On this website, you can read blog posts from both Microsoft representatives and external experts. You can watch videos, read case studies, find out examples of companies growing through cloud computing, get informed about events, and read our Future Innovation magazine online.

We have structured our site in the following four topical sections, illustrating some of our key priorities:

Connected Lifestyles: Microsoft provides a unique personal computing experience putting people at the centre of multiple devices and services. Check here the latest trends for digital lifestyles and see how people can best stay connected, organize their personal lives, work and play.

What’s Next: Microsoft’s large investment in European Research & Development enables new products and services, as well as inspires new ways of using efficient technology solutions in Europe. Discover here the future of technology, our vision, and key trends that will get us there. Discover our research laboratories, joint ventures, and development centres in Europe and take a peek in the technology that will shape the world of tomorrow.

Transforming Business: Microsoft has had a long-standing commitment to support businesses, (from small to large) help private companies grow and public sector bodies be more efficient. Thanks to the large palette of solutions we provide to professional organizations, we ensure that our technology helps European companies grow and we help the public sector respond to the increasing demands of citizens for the best online services. Discover here on the benefits of our offering, as well as programs for SMEs, start-ups, large enterprise and public sector organisations, with blogs on the challenges they face and first-hand success stories.

Impact on Society: Helping people and having a positive impact on the local communities so that theyreach their true potential, has always been central to Microsoft’s core values. Discover here how we’ve been committed to ensuring that our products and devices, as well as community programs support innovation in key areas of socio-economic development in Europe, such as education and digital skill development, healthcare and the environment.

On the Issues Blog: Meeting the needs of Europe’s governments, economies and citizens by focusing on Intellectual property, interoperability, privacy, security, and cloud is essential for us. Discover on this blog how we are working in partnership with EU stakeholders to ensure that new technologies and services evolve, and that Europe reaps the economic benefits of the knowledge and digital economy.